The pupils of Studio 5 have many opportunities throughout the year to demonstrate their talents and perform for a live audience!

We stage our own annual show featuring all pupils, which is always a special event and a great chance for friends and family to see how pupils are progressing.

The venue for the show alternates each year between the Prince of Wales Theatre in Cannock and the Red Rose Theatre in Rugeley.

Pupils of a particularly high standard may be invited to perform in dance competitions which are held at a number of venues around the Midlands. Studio 5 dancers have a great history of success in this field.

Our pupils are often called upon to perform with theatre companies and other entertainers.

A number of pupils from the school performed every year as the resident dance troupe in the Christmas Pantomime at the Prince of Wales Theatre Cannock.

stage-school-dancersIn 2010 pupils performed in the Janice Hall production of ‘Dick Whittington’ in Rugeley. Our pupils have toured the UK with the Ratpack Boys and Big Swing Band, as well as performing in a number of shows with the Jimmy Cannon big band.

Studio 5 dancers have also performed at Disney Land Paris for two years running and in May 2009 they returned to the Royal Albert Hall for a second time to perform in the Mardi Gras production of ‘In The Round’, where they opened the show twice a year.

There are also informal shows organised at Studio 5 where pupils demonstrate their examination work.

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Dance Team Lineup