What styles of dance do you teach?

The majority of our classes for younger pupils are in ballet, tap, modern stage and acrobatics. For adults there are tap and ballet classes with personal tuition also available. Please see the timetable for lesson times.

Which class should I come to?

This depends both on your age and your experience, so it’s something which will be established when you get in touch.

Do I need to get there early?

The first time you come it is necessary for you to arrive at least ten minutes before your class in order to fill in registration forms. Apart from this you simply need to ensure you are ready to start at the correct time, suitably dressed.

What should I wear?

For younger pupils we advise that the most suitable clothing to begin with is leggings and a T-shirt, and barefoot. Then when you are sure you want to continue you can purchase shoes and other dancewear from our shop area. For adults any comfortable clothing is fine.

How do I pay?

Initially classes are paid for one at a time, before each lesson. When you are sure you want to continue then payment can be made in advance on a weekly or monthly basis, by cash or credit card.

What is the youngest age of pupils you teach?

Our Babes class caters for children from 2½ to 5 years of age and is a great introduction to dancing. It gives the children a taste of a few different styles of dance in a fairly short class which is always lots of fun.

Are parents allowed to watch the classes?

Unfortunately not. This is due to the issue of space and would also be distracting to the pupils. Parents are always welcome to wait in the reception area of the studio.

Are there classes for boys?

Boys are most welcome to participate in all of our classes, but there is no separate tuition at present.

Can pupils take examinations?

Yes. We hold examination sessions twice a year. Find out more about examinations.

Do the pupils participate in shows?

Yes. In addition to our annual show there are smaller, more informal shows where parents can watch pupils demonstrating their examination work. There are also many one-off events involving performances, so it’s worth checking the website and studio noticeboards to keep up to date with what’s coming up. Find out more about our performances.

Do the pupils participate in competitions?

Yes. Pupils are sometimes invited to join competition classes. These pupils get the chance to compete at a very high level in numerous dance competitions in and around the midlands. Studio 5 stage school has had many successes in these competitive events which are held around four times a year.

Where are you located?

Our address is Studio 5, Brewery Street, Rugeley, Staffs, WS15 2DY. Click here to Find Us

How long are the classes?

Class lessons vary in duration so please check the class timetable for your class. The longer classes (of 1 ½ hours or more) are combination classes involving ballet, tap, modern and sometimes acrobatics. Private lessons are half an hour in length. See our timetable of classes